New application cycle will begin in November for 2020 Youth Salute Event.

In order to be eligible for this recognition, students must:

  1. Be a high school junior (senior class of 2020).

  2. Have at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA through their sophomore year. (Any student who attains a 3.0 GPA by the end of the fall semester of their junior year, see your school counselor.)

  3. Have held TWO LEADERSHIP ROLES in which their peers or an adult leader chose them within the past two years in school, religious or community sponsored organizations.

Students must participate in each of the following activities:

  1. Completion of the Application Form, Leadership Essay and Biography.

  2. Contact Arnold Clark Photography for information about the program, photography session and photographic banner.

  3. Be photographed at Arnold Clark Photography for school banner as well as local media recognition.