Town Meeting on Tomorrow

Each year, Youth leaders with diverse backgrounds from across the nation gather in St. Louis at Washington University for a Town Meeting on Tomorrow. Throughout history, leaders have gathered to discuss problems and potential solutions. They have found that these meetings yielded better results than if they worked on problems alone. TMOT was designed to bring youth leaders together in a similar fashion with the hope of inspiring youth to service, excellence and outstanding performance by reinforcing active leadership as the key to meeting tomorrow's needs.

During the yearly conference, students:

  • Enter into dialogue with proven adult leaders.

  • Broaden their horizons by interacting with youth leaders of diverse backgrounds.

  • Enhance leadership skill with seminars by dynamic professionals and national political leaders.

  • Participate in small group experiential learning opportunities.

  • Make new friends from across the nation.

The male National Youth Leader of the Year is presented the Paul W. Brandel Scholarship of $1000 and the female National Youth Leader of the Year is presented the Carpenter Family Scholarship of $1000. Ten additional financial scholarships are also awarded to the runners up in the amount of $200.

For more information about TMOT, please visit their website.